How to Make Sure Your Dog Is Happy

3 Things You Should Do When Your Cat is Coming Back from Pet Boarding

If you have placed your pet cat in cat boarding for an extended period of time while travelling abroad on holiday or business, you may be wondering what it will be like when you collect and return home with your kitty. Below is a guide to 3 things you can do to reduce the stress felt by your cat during the process of bringing them home from a pet boarding centre.

Prepare the car

If you are planning to drive to pick up your pet cat from the boarding centre, you should make sure that your car is clean and does not contain any strong odours such as food or cigarette smoke, which could cause distress to your cat. Inside the carrier box which you will be transporting the cat, you should place your kitty's favourite toy. The scent of this toy will let your cat know that she has nothing to fear and that she is going back to a familiar place.

Give the cat time and space

If you have not seen your pet for a period of time, it can be tempting to want to pick them up so you can cuddle and stroke them. However, resist doing this at first. When you let the cat out of the carrier and into your home, you should give the cat the time and space it needs to orient itself in the new surroundings. Your cat may walk from room to room sniffing familiar objects, or they may immediately head to the area in which they normally sleep. You should allow your cat to go where they please, and you should not interfere by offering food or picking up the animal. During this initial period of being back home, your cat may meow loudly while wanting to spend time alone. This isn't a sign of distress, so you should not panic. If the cat wants you to stroke it or pick it up, it will let you know by rubbing its head against your legs and brushing its body against yours. If when you have released the cat back into your home, they want affection, then there is no problem with giving them some.

Let the cat mark its territory

If your cat is normally allowed to go outside, you should let it out so it can mark its territory. Cats are very territorial creatures and, having been away, your cat will want to establish its claim. Do not worry if your cat is out for longer than usual on their first trip outside; this is usually a result of them wanting to explore. For further advice, contact a pet boarding company today.

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