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Three Ways to Remember Your Horse After Cremation

Having a horse is a huge part of your life, and letting go after they pass on can be really hard. It doesn't matter how old your horse was, or what state their health was in - saying goodbye is hard.

To help honour the grieving process, you might like to spend some time planning ways to remember your horse after they're cremated.

Products like personalised caskets, metal keepsakes, and urn pendants are a lovely way to keep a piece of your horse close at all times. Keep reading for three suggested additions to your horse cremation services.

1. Personalised Wooden Casket

If your horse felt like a part of the family, it makes sense to memorialise them in the family home. A personalised wooden casket is a tasteful way to display their ashes, and the casket design is completely up to you. You'll be able to choose the type of wood, add an engraving with your horse's name, and choose from metal decorations like horseshoes and hearts.

2. Engraved Metal Keepsake

If a casket seems like too much, or you don't want to keep all of your horse's ashes because you have plans to scatter them, then an engraved metal keepsake is a nice option. Hearts are a popular choice and are fully customisable - they also allow you to store a small amount of your pet's ashes.

You could choose to engrave your pet's name and dates, an image that's meaningful to you, or a special quote. You'll also have a choice of metals, including bronze, silver, gold, and pewter.

Metal keepsakes are small enough to display on shelves and mantelpieces and are a nice, subtle way of remembering your beloved pet. They suit every budget, and you could even buy several for different members of the family. 

3. Urn Pendant

Do you want to keep your horse close to your heart? Buying an urn pendant allows you store a small amount of your pet's ashes and wear it around your neck at all times. This can be a great comfort, particularly if you were very close to your horse.

Heart and teardrop-shaped pendants are nice choices, and they can be engraved as you wish. It's possible to have pendants sealed permanently, so there's no chance of dropping them and losing the contents.

Saying goodbye to a horse is really hard. Honour your horse's memory and overcome your grief by choosing one of the memorial items above.

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